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We sell the most cost effective rockets in the world for civilian and military applications, including target rockets, antiballistic interceptors, suborbital rockets and boosters for orbital vehicles. Our products use steam propulsion which makes them not only the most cost effective but also ecological.

Below: On July 3rd, 2024, ARCA and General Astronautics performed two launches for military homologation of CER-160TR artillery target rocket at the Cape Midia Air Force base.

For daily news about our commercial rockets go to ARCA website.

ARCA_Mission 18_2.jpg

Our lightest and most affordable rocket, designed for both civilian as well as military applications, is able to reach 20 km altitude and a speed of Mach 1.9, while carrying a payload of 3 kg.

This medium size rocket from our offer is able to reach 30 km altitude and Mach 2.1, while carrying 100 kg of payload.

The heaviest rocket from our offer is able to reach 40 km altitude and Mach 2.6 while, carrying a generous payload of 1,000 kg.

The Multiple Independent Reentry Target Vehicle (MIRTV) is used for the training of antiballistic forces. The MIRTV is launched by the CER-1200 rocket and it uses a booster to accelerate during reentry to achieve high supersonic speeds of Mach 4.4. The listed price includes the MIRTV, the booster and accessories.

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