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How difficult is to prepare the CER, RTV/MIRTV systems for launch?

The CER system is very easy to operate and prepare for launch. Follow the instructions from the User Guides and Operation Manuals that are provided together with the product and the process should be straightforward.

How difficult it is to mount my payload in a CER rocket?

The CER rocket came with a removable nose-cone and the access to the interface plate is made by unscrewing the bolts that are keeping the cone in place.

Is the MIRTV bus compatible with the RTV?

Yes, the MIRTV bus is compatible with the RTV. A MIRTV bus can accommodate five RTVs that will be released once the ERC1200 rocket reaches the apogee.

What propellant does the CER and RTV/MIRTV systems use?

The CER system uses a mixture of 30-70 water and hydrogen peroxide, commercially available as hydrogen peroxide 70%. A concentration of 50% is also an option but with a performance loss.

How much does the hydrogen peroxide 50% and 70% costs?

Depending on the region, for hydrogen peroxide 70% prices are between €1 to €2 per kg while for 50% concentration, prices are between €0.5 to €1 per kg. 

How difficult is to procure hydrogen peroxide 70%?

The hydrogen peroxide 70% is commercially available and easy to procure in virtually any part of the world. 50% hydrogen peroxide is also available in stores.

How dangerous is hydrogen peroxide 50% and 70%?

You must avoid ingesting hydrogen peroxide 50-70% or getting in contact with your eyes and skin, by wearing googles and gloves during manipulation. In case of contact with your eyes and skin, always have fresh sweet closely available and apply abundent sweet water on the the contact region. The skin will become white on the contact region and it will regain the normal color in around two hours.

Please read carefully the Safety Data Sheet.


What anti-ballistic systems are compatible with the CER/RTV/MIRTV systems?

For the crews operating the Patriot, Aegis, THAAD, S300, S400, AAD, PAD, Arrow 3 antiballistic systems, the CER/RTV/MIRTV target systems are compatible training options.

What SRBM and RV/MIRV vehicles does the CER/RTV/MIRTV systems simulate for antiballistic training?

Acting as an SRBM target, the CER500 is a relevant simulator for the Fatech 313, DF12, ATACMS.

Acting as an SRBM target, the CER120 is a relevant simulator for rockets as Scud, Hwasong 5 and 6, Iskander, etc.

The RTV/MIRTV mated with the CER500/1200, are a relevant simulator, although not exactly replicating in terms of terminal velocity, ICBMs like the Minuteman III, Trident D5, M51, SS-(N)-18 and 19 families, Agni family, DN family, Hwasong family, etc

Are the CER and RTV/MIRTV vehicles reusable?

The CER and RTV/MIRTV vehicles are not reusable after flight. However, the launch canisters, the propellant transfer tanks and pumps as well as the accessories are reusable.

Is it possible to use the CER and RTV/MIRTV systems as weapons?

The lack of guidance system and any form of avionics onboard, as well as the use of liquid propellant leading to non-responsive operation, makes the CER system a completely unsuitable option for military offensive use.


Launch approvals

Do I need a launch clearance for the Commercial EcoRocket (CER)?

It depends on what altitude do you plan to launch it and on the country on which you intend to launch it. The legislation may vary from country to country. We strongly advise you to contact your local Civil Aviation Authority (for civilian use), or the Military Aviation Authority (for military use), and seek guidance, prior to launch.


Who is eligible to purchase the CER, RTV/MIRTV systems?

In general, a rocket falls into the category of a dual use product. 

However, due to CER’s limited features and characteristics, like the lack of guidance system, the use of liquid propellant leading to a launch preparation time longer than in the case of regular military rockets and the engine’s performance three to four times less than in the case of a military rocket, the product’s application as a weapon and therefore as a dual use product is a non-realistic prospect.

In spite of this, we reserve the right to sale the product depending on our internal specific criteria. Please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will promptly inform you if we can go forward with your order.

Reservations and orders



How can I order the CER, RTV/MIRTV systems?

The CER system will be available for purchase starting with March 2024 (CER160) and then the rest of the systems throughout 2024. However, if you want to reserve one, you ca do it by placing a preorder at A 10% down payment is required to reserve the system. The deliveries for the systems will be made in the order of reservations.


How long it will take until I’ll receive my CER, RTV/MIRTV systems once ordered?

The order will be ready for shipment depending on the order size.

Usually, for a complete CER160 system, with a single rocket, the shipment will start 30 days after the  payment was received, while in the case of CER500 it will take 60 days and for the CER1200 it will take 90 days. Also, 

usually for a RTV the shipment will start 30 days after the payment was received, while for a MIRTV the shipment will start 90 days after the payment was received.

For larger orders, the shipment date will be communicated before the payment.

Can I get a refund after I placed an order for a CER, RTV?MIRTV systems?

Immediately after you placed an order and paid for an CER system our company will start preparing and implementing the fabrication process and a refund will no longer be an option.

Will a get a discount for a CER, RTV/MIRTV systems if paid with the AMiE token?

Yes, you will get a 10% discount if you’ll pay for the ERC, RTV/MIRTV systems with the AMiE Token.


What is the cost of delivery for the CER, RTV/MIRTV systems?

It depends on what region it needs to be shipped from Romania. For instance, for the delivery of an CER160 system, to North America, the shipment costs around €9,000. For deliveries in Europe, the cost is significantly lower.

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