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The Commercial EcoRocket 500 - CER500, is an ecological, cost effective rocket system, build for both civilian and military training applications.

Contrary to al present-day rockets, CER500 uses non-flammable and non-explosive propellant, opting a mixture of water and hydrogen peroxide at 30-70 ratio, making it benign for the environment, simple to operate and cost effective. Also, a mixture of 50-50 water and hydrogen peroxide is an option, assuming flight performance loss. 

The rocket employs no electronics, and it has just a single valve for engine start, making it easy to operate, requiring no prior aerospace training.

CER500 could be used as a scientific, research and recreational high altitude rocket, as well as booster and first stage for suborbital rocket launchers.

The applications also include anti-ballistic military training, with the CER500 acting as a Short Range Ballistic Target Missile (SRBTM), and as a transport vehicle for one hypersonic Reentry Target Vehicle (RTV).

An important advantage of this rocket over the solid propellant rockets is that the altitude can be set prior to launch function of the liquid propellant mass that the user will put in the tank.

CER500 rocket, technical characteristics and performances*


0.5 m

Diameter over fins

1.9 m


10 m

Dry weight

100 kg

Propellant weight

1,400 kg

Payload weight (for user)

100 kg

Launch weight, max.

1,600 kg

Altitude, with max. payload

30 km

Speed, with max. payload

2.1 Mach

ERC500. Civilian and military commercial rockets. High altitude scientific and recreational applications, boosters and first stages. SRBM and MIRV target vehicles for anti-ballistic training.

10% down payment

Engine run time

60 s

*The final technical characteristics and performances data could change until delivery date.

Ground Support Equipment (GSE)


Launch canister

The rocket launches from a canister with that has a diameter of 2 m and is 12 m tall.


Propellant transfer tank

The propellant transfer tank is a 1,500 litre stainless steel tank that stores the propellant before it is transferred into the rocket prior to the launch. 



The CER500 rocket propellant is a mixture of water and hydrogen peroxide in the 30-70 ratio. The hydrogen peroxide already prepared in this ratio is commercially available everywhere in the world, and sold as hydrogen peroxide 70% concentration.

The user must procure locally 1,300kg of 70% concentration hydrogen peroxide in order to fuel the rocket for launch. Also, the rocket works with 50% concentration hydrogen peroxide found in stores, but with flight performance loss.



After the rocket is fuelled, the tank must be pressurised at a pressure of 14 bar, prior to launch.

Various hydrogen peroxide compatible gases could be used. We recommend air from a air compressor (the most affordable option), helium (for the highest rocket performance), nitrogen, argon.

12V power source

In order to launch the rocket, a 12V, 5A external power source is needed.



Price [€]

Price, in AMiE* [€]

CER500 rocket



Launch canister



Transfer pump/accesories



*If the CER500 system is purchased with the AMiE Token, a 10% discount will apply. The AMiE Token could be acquired from

Reservation, order and shipment


Orders for the CER500 system, will be available starting with July 2024. Meanwhile, you can reserve your CER500 system here:



The shipment will be made in standardised, 12m long containers.

The order will be ready for shipment depending on the order size. Usually for a complete CER500 system, with a single rocket, the shipment will start 60 days after the  payment was received.

For larger orders, the shipment date will be communicated before the purchase payment.

10% down payment

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